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Chicagoland Oil Changes

Every vehicle needs its oil changed from time to time. However, depending on the vehicle you’re driving, the way you drive, and the conditions you’re driving in, the timing for oil change varies. At I & J Automotive DBA Splash Car Wash, we can run a check on your vehicle, determine when to change its oil, and provide a professional oil change service along with many other car mechanic services that you need.

free car wash with oil change

I & J Automotive DBA Splash Car Wash is a trusted auto repair company that houses Chicagoland, IL oil change specialists. Our services; however, are not limited to changing your car’s oil. We also offer tune-ups and all types of vehicle maintenance and repairs.

As your trusted local auto repair company, we will have your car or truck taken care of by mechanics with proper training, fully-honed skills, an eye for detail, and work efficiency that will send your vehicle up and running on the road in no time.

Depending on the mechanic service your vehicle needs, we have experienced technicians and repair experts at your beck and call. I & J Automotive DBA Splash Car Wash guarantees affordable car maintenance services that are not just fast but also comprehensive enough to make your vehicle as impressive as it can get once we’re finished.

Free car wash with your oil change? Discount on an upgraded wash and detailing packages? We have it all right here!

Call I & J Automotive DBA Splash Car Wash at (630) 864-5233 for your Free Evaluation!

Best Oil Change Specialists

I & J Automotive DBA Splash Car Wash knows that as much as you want the best for your vehicle, not everyone knows the nitty-gritty details of keeping their cars and trucks in tiptop shape. That is why we round up great Chicagoland oil change experts and car technicians to take care of your vehicle.

We specialize in filter and oil change services, which is crucial in keeping your engine performing at its best. Since engines have a lot of moving parts, proper lubrication is needed for your engine to avoid any damage that may occur. Regardless of how well you take care of your vehicle, the oil will break down over time, and dust, dirt, and debris from the engine and environment will contaminate it.

At I & J Automotive DBA Splash Car Wash, our Chicagoland oil change specialists will assess your car to recommend the appropriate oil change. We will note your car’s needs by considering its model, condition, make, and mileage. Add to that, we even offer a free car wash for every oil change service that you get from us!

Complete Auto Maintenance Services

A well-maintained vehicle is important in every household—including yours.

preventative maintenance

Want to ensure your family’s safety while driving? Take care of your car or truck. Want to drive smoothly to not be late on appointments or deadlines? Take care of your car or truck. Want to reach a holiday destination without the stress from a car breakdown during a long trip? Take care of your car or truck.

At I & J Automotive DBA Splash Car Wash, we can help you do this with ease and guaranteed success. Our comprehensive automotive services go beyond oil change and car wash. We also offer car evaluation, maintenance, and repairs to ensure that no issue will affect the engine, braking system, and any other aspect that’s crucial in your safety.

Whether you come to us for a scheduled oil change or an emergency repair, our expert technicians will efficiently and accurately handle the problem.

The following are the automotive services that we offer:

  • Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair
  • Diagnostics, Evaluations, & Inspections
  • State Emission Repair
  • Oil Changes
  • Fluid & Filter Replacement
  • Brake Repair
  • Shock & Strut Repair
  • Chassis, Suspension, & Steering Repair
  • Engine Repair & Replacement
  • Hose & Belt Replacement
  • Heating/Cooling System Repair & Replacement
  • Radiator & Water Pump Repair & Replacement
  • Fuel System & Fuel Injection Repair
  • Ignition System Repair & Maintenance
  • Exhaust, Muffler, & Tailpipe Repair
  • Vehicle Power Accessory Repair- Power Locks, Antennas, Power Windows, Power Steering, etc.
  • Transmission Service, Repair, & Overhaul
  • & More!

As your trusted Chicagoland automotive service provider, I & J Automotive DBA Splash Car Wash will check, evaluate, and take care of your car until it looks, feels, and performs at its best again. Rest assured that your car will be as impressive as you can imagine after we finished our work!

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Chicagoland Car Repair & Mechanics

With our efficient, comprehensive, and affordable automotive services, you’ll be back on the road with no worries of breaking down or meeting an accident that you could’ve easily avoided with a well-maintained vehicle.

Allow us to repair your vehicle and help you stick to an effective maintenance plan that will extend your vehicle’s lifespan and give more value for your money.

Call I & J Automotive DBA Splash Car Wash at (630) 864-5233 for your Free Evaluation!