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Chicagoland Brake Repair

While your vehicle is commonly used to go from one place to another, being able to effectively stop when needed is of vital importance. Our Chicagoland brake repair professionals make sure you are able to safely stop your vehicle on demand.

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There are a lot of factors that determine the longevity of your braking system, and a lot of potential areas where problems can arise. Drum brakes and rotor breaks wear out differently, with different parts requiring attention. You may also have issues with your brake line, fluids, or need replacement of consumable parts like pads or rotors.

Whether your brake problems are resulting from normal wear and tear or as part of a bigger problem, we can accurately identify the root problem and make any and all repairs to your braking system.

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Warning Signs of Failing Brakes

Paying attention to the way your vehicle operates can make it easier for you to identify brake issues before they put your safety at risk.

brake warning lightModern vehicles typically feature many indicators designed to alert you that your brakes are not at peak performance.

From warning lights in your dash to squealing sounds as your brake pads or rotors wear, car manufacturers have built-in many precautions to help a vehicle owner identify when their brakes may be at risk of failure. Responding to these indicators with timely brake repair service is vital.

Common signs of brakes needing repair include:

  • Audible changes when braking- Any new sounds, such as squeaking, squealing, rattling, or grinding noises can all indicate that there are issues with your brakes requiring maintenance and is often one of the first signs a vehicle owner notices.
  • Dash warning lights- “Brake” and “ABS” lights illuminated on your dash are clear indicators that your brake system should be serviced, however, “Check Engine” lights can also indicate braking system problems.
  • Pedal behavior and vehicle response- If your brake pedal feels soft, requires you to press the pedal farther than normal, or simply taking longer to stop your vehicle are all indicators of brake problems. Stiff brakes or hard to push brakes are also a warning sign.
  • Fluid leaks- Leaking fluids could potentially be brake fluid, so they may indicate problems in your brakes. Any fluid leak that you aren’t familiar with the cause should be diagnosed by an experienced auto mechanic.

There can be other signs as well, including pulling to one side, shaking or vibrations when braking, or even engine stalling that signal it is time for a check-up with a qualified brake repair expert.

Vehicle Inspection & Brake Repair Service

Regularly maintaining your vehicle and performing all scheduled service checks can help you avoid potentially dangerous brake problems. At I & J Automotive DBA Splash Car Wash, our Chicagoland auto brake repair experts provide comprehensive car care and service to help you address and resolve braking issues as quickly as possible.

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When you trust us with your vehicle, we take that trust very seriously, providing complete and comprehensive analysis and repair for any and all problem areas of your vehicle. Brake line and brake system analysis is included in our diagnosis, especially if you have complaints that indicate the brakes may be the culprit.

The level of service your vehicle requires to get back in working condition depends greatly on the source and effects of the problem. Worn brake pads and rotors, if caught quickly enough, can simply be replaced. However, failing to replace your brake pads or rotors in a timely manner can cause other problems and require further repairs.

If you require brake shoe or brake pad replacement, rotor resurfacing or drum turning, rotor or drum replacement, brake fluid flushing or exchange, or brake line leak repair, our dedicated Chicagoland brake repair company is here for you.

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Chicagoland Car Repair & Mechanics

Our Chicagoland brake repair professionals provide fast, friendly, and comprehensive auto repair services to help you get back on the road safely.

As brake repair specialists, we identify problem areas within your braking system, provide effective solutions and repairs, and help develop a regular maintenance plan that maximizes the life of your vehicle.

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